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Medicare Planning

Healthcare becomes more affordable and easier to manage in retirement, right? You just sign up for Medicare, pick a prescription plan, and enjoy lower fees than you did in your working years.

Not quite.

For many clients, navigating Medicare’s complexities is a shocking part of retiring. Instead of simple answers or obvious choices, the healthcare program can bring unanticipated confusion and costs. But, you don’t have to go it alone.

Our team at Safe Money Solutions helps clients understand:

  • What Medicare will and won’t cover
  • How to pick prescription coverage based on your specific healthcare needs
  • What out-of-pocket expenses to expect
  • Which healthcare gaps you will need to fill

As your healthcare needs change and the laws governing Medicare evolve, you may need to change your coverage to avoid paying unnecessarily high fees. We will work with you to regularly revisit your Medicare decisions and help ensure they still reflect your current needs and any plan changes.

“My wife and I saved over $2,000 a year when we went on a Medicare Advantage Program with Hollie. Since then, she has become our Financial Guru. We have gained interest every year and will never run out of income. Needless to say, we trust Hollie implicitly.”

Roger Fenlaw
Amarillo, Texas