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Safe Money Solutions

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Running of the Steers

At Safe Money Solutions, helping clients protect themselves in retirement isn’t just a professional focus — it’s a personal mission and calling.

After a successful commercial real estate career in Houston, our founder, Hollie Gandy, returned to the Panhandle to care for her ailing mother. For over nine years, she saw firsthand the challenges and heartache that can arise without adequate financial protection.

Despite having ample life insurance, accident coverage, and other policies, no one ever asked Hollie’s mother about long-term-care insurance — leaving her unnecessarily paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for care. After supporting her mother through these challenges, Hollie pledged to protect other people and their families from these same unnecessary risks.

Today, Hollie’s passion guides our team’s deep personal and professional commitment. We provide full-service support and hands-on guidance to each individual and family we serve. Something that sets us apart even more than our high level of care, however, is our dedication to advocacy that leads us to lobby for our client’s best interests. Backed by Hollie’s local and national political engagement, we work to advance policies that we believe will help the families and individuals we serve. Through this action, our goal is to ensure clients have the freedom to enjoy retirement with access to the services they deserve.

Our Client Commitment

When you work with our team, you can expect:

  • Deep relationships with financial professionals who understand — and care about — your goals
  • Clear communication and regular updates, so you always know where you stand
  • Common-sense guidance that provides the service and support you need, without the fluff
  • Income planning that gives you confidence in your retirement and future
  • Modern guidance supported by advance technology and sophisticated tools

A True Texan Team

Here at Safe Money Solutions, we’re a product of the great state that we call home. Like our neighbors and clients, we proudly bring a can-do attitude to our work and are motivated self-starters. We believe no challenge is insurmountable and fiercely dedicate our work to helping our clients find the solutions and support they need.

No matter your goals or circumstances, we are here to be an ally you can rely on for honest, experienced advice — today and for the rest of your life.

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